An Interesting Android App: PartyChorus

play your music anytime anywhere, make your mobiles into a Big Speaker
schedule an music-playing event, and then all informed mobiles will play it in the same time, so that to turn the mobiles into a Big Speaker, a party chorus...

-- How to And an Event? --
1. Click "Add Event" Buttion.
2. Input an Unique Event Tag.
3. Set your Event Time.
4. Set your music.
5. Submit.
6. Music will be uploaded and event will be created.
7. Click "Share" Button to share.

-- How to Play an Event? --
1. Input your Event Tag.
2. App will check your Event with Music and Time.
3. Music will be downloaded into your mobile.
4. Music will be played at Event Time.
5. Click "Share" Button to share.

by tallrain
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